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10th European Congress for Analytic Philosophy


In order to get access to the dedicated MS Teams channels of the congress, you need to register for the congress.

Registration is handled by UU-online sales.

Important: Please use the e-mail address associated with your MS Teams account during the registration process (see How-tos on how to get an account).


Registration for speakers is now closed.

By registering as a speaker, you agree to upload your pre-recorded presentation to the channels before August 9. We’ll provide a manual for how to
do that in due time (under How-tos).


If you would like to view the presentations of the congress and participate in the Q&As, please make use of the following link:

There is currently no registration deadline for participation, but we encourage interested persons to register as early as possible. Only in this way, we can guarantee a smooth registration process in the dedicated MS Teams channels.
Registration fee
The registration fee is 30 Euros. The fees are used to cover expenses for necessary tech-support and infrastructure behind the scenes.